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The Stories

From his sharpshooter's perch at the battle of Kings Mountain in in South Carolina, Isaac Malot, a blackman and a loyalist, adjusts the small jury-rigged telescope attatched to his Ferguson rifle. Among the patriot enemy advancing into the kill zone is no other than his friend Michael Redferne,  a whiteman. Malot faces a gut-wrenching decision, shoot his old penal-colony comrade or risk forfeiting his newly won freedom.

Sugar Island 3D cover_sm.png

When Michael Redferne pulls the body of twenty-year-old Maureen Kelly from a frozen Irish lake, something tells him that he should leave well enough alone. But fear conquers instinct and he hides the frozen corpse in the ice house on Lord Preston's estate.

Unaware that sinister forces in the persons of Lady Preston and her lover are conspiring against him. He walks into a trap and is shipped in chains to Barbados, know as Sugar Island. Once there, he joins thousands of African and Irish laborers who are forced to work in the cane fields from dawn to dusk under the cowhide whips of brutal overseers.

The rising and setting sun becomes a doomsday clock, ticking off Redferne's slow march to the grave. He must escape if he hopes to redeem his past and save his future.

In Search of Brigid Coltrane is a historical thriller set in Ireland during World War II. It tells a story of murder, rogue clerics and Nazi spies, in which Michael Coltrane on a journey to find his abducted daughter Brigid, is pulled into a hall of mirrors where nothing is as it appears to be.

        But the clock is ticking and he must find his way through the maze of intrigue if he hopes to unravel the explosive secret behind the murders and find his daughter.

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