Breakout From Sugar Island

--An 18th Century historical thriller set in Ireland and  Barbados

Sugar Island 3D cover_sm.png
Padraig pointed to a red stain under the lake ice about twenty feet from shore. "Out there at the edge of  the bulrushes Father."

Breakout From Sugar Island  is a dazzling achievement guaranteed to keep readers enraptured  until its final, starling pages."

    --Peter Duffy, New York Times Journalist and Author

In Search of Brigid Coltrane

--A World War II tale of loss and recovery

Brigid Coltrane_original_3d.jpg
Fourteen-year old Brigid Coltrane never spent a night away from home until she was abducted . . .

"Beirne manages to imbue each of his characters with just enough complexity to keep readers engaged . . . A violent, captivating and boggy tale set in Ireland during World War II."                                                                          --Kirkus Review