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Kings Mountin

A new world aflame with the bonfire of a budding revolution..

In 1775 two fugitives, one black the other white, from a penal colony in Barbados get ensnared in the maw of the American Revolution, on opposite sides.Face to face at the battle of Kings Mountain, they must decide whether loyalty to a cause or to each other determines who lives or dies.

Kings Mountain is an enthralling read that captivated me from the very first chapter. Author Seamus Beirne has crafted an narrative that examines the complexities of morality and friendship that can be torn asunder by war, race and the necessity to pick sides.

Well written and very readable, this is an adventure that will live long in memory.-- Grant Leishman--Readers' Favorite

Breakout from Sugar Ilsand

An 18th Century historical adventure set in Ireland and Barbados.

Sugar Island 3D cover_sm.png

Padraig pointed to a red stain under the lake ice about twenty feet from shore. "Out there at the edge of the bulrushes, Father."

Breakout from Sugar Island is a dazzling achievement guaranteed to keep readers enraptured until its final startling pages.

--Peter Duffy, New York Times Journalist and author of The Killing of Major Denis Mahon.

In Search of Brigid Coletrane

A world War II tale of loss and recovery

Fourteen-year old Brigid Coltrane never spent a night away from home until she was abducted , , , 

Beirne manages to imbue each of his characters with just enough complexity to keep readers engaged

. . . A captivating and boggy tale set in Ireland during World War II. -- Kirkus Review

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